International Associations

International Association of the Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions (IASAJ)

International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions is a network of supreme administrative jurisdictions located in every part of the world. Reflecting the different legal systems and cultures existing in the world, these jurisdictions are in charge of exercising the legal review of administrative decisions and thus of promoting the rule of law. The aim of the Association is to develop the cooperation between its members, and particularly to promote experience sharing and exchanges.

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Association of the Councils of State and the Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the EU (ACA – Europe)

Members of the Association are: the Court of Justice of the European Union and the supreme jurisdictions and Councils of State of the Member States of the European Union which are empowered to adjudicate in the final instance in disputes concerning the activities of public administrative bodies or which are acting in an all-round legal advisory capacity as far as the drawing up of normative texts is concerned. The purpose of the Association is to promote exchanges of views and experience on matters concerning the jurisprudence, organisation and functioning of its Members in the performance of their judicial and/or advisory functions, particularly with regard to EU Law.

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European Judicial Training Network (EJTN)

The European Judicial Training Network is the principal platform and promoter for the training and exchange of knowledge of the European judiciary. EJTN represents the interests of over 120,000 European judges, prosecutors and judicial trainers across Europe. EJTN’s fields of interest include EU, civil, criminal and commercial law and linguistics and societal issues training. The vision of EJTN is to help to foster a common legal and judicial European culture. EJTN develops training standards and curricula, coordinates judicial training exchanges and programmes, disseminates training expertise and promotes cooperation between EU judicial training institutions.

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